Due to heavy demand of projects onboarding onto the Shopping.io platform, we have launched Operation Coinmaker as a responsive way to engage our community while we streamline adoption across the crypto industry. 

Stay Tuned! We are adding 3 new coins soon.

We choose from 3 tokens to compete per week.

Vote on your favorite tokens using the poll.

Winner integrates into the Shopping.io platform

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How It Works

Every week we will present three (3) tokens curated from a long list of potential tokens. Go to our poll above with the three (3) choices and make sure to vote!

Every vote counts!

The winner of each Coinmaker contest will be integrated into the Shopping.io platform for 1 year at no cost. Token holders will be able to spend their crypto on major E-commerce hubs such as:  Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Etsy.

This provides an additional use case to tokens with a great marketing and exposure for each project.

The winner of the poll will be listed for free on the Shopping.io platform for 1 year.

The remaining tokens for that week are able to optionally pay for integration unto the Shopping.io platform.

This payment may be in the form of tokens and may be locked up or converted into $GSPI at our discretion.

Let’s go Shopping.io ! 

DISCLAIMER: Shopping.io and its team members do not independently evaluate and/or confirm the listing or potential listing of any the tokens, its claims, and/or its abilities, whether legal or otherwise, on Coinmaker. This is not investment or financial advice, and each token should be independently evaluated by the voting customer. Void where prohibited by law.

Operation CoinMaker is a game changer in streamlining partnerships for Shopping.io moving forward. We are looking forward to engaging with new communities on a regular basis through this initiative and giving another utility for GSPI holders.”

Arbel Arif, Founder & CEO Shopping.io
Let’s go Shopping.io ! 

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